Company Profile

Gemmy-Tek Technology Co. was founded in 2002 by a number of professionals with more than a decade of experience in the industry. Ever since Gemmy-Tek Technology Co. ‘s professional team has not only expanded the field of SMT, semiconductor packaging and optoelectronic, becominga leading authorized licensed agent of several professionalequipment manufacturers, but also has become  a leading  company providing services and special supplies to equipment currently being used in the industry.

Focus, Integrity, Precision, Efficiency are the basis that upholds the honesty and integrity of our Gemmy-Tek Technology Co. ‘s core values.  Our goal is to introduce top-notch equipment, and provide professional and efficient services to our customers and establish a long lasting business partnership while sharing continuous growth.

Gemmy-Tek Technologies Co. is strategically located in multiple locations in order to provide a greater service. Our Headquarters is located in Tao Yuan and we also have another office in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. We also have other branches in China located in Suzhou and Dongguan. Each of our offices is ready to assist you with immediate service for introducing the best and most suitable technology to enhance your production process.  


◎PEMTRON Color 3D AOI ◎Omron AOI
◎HITACHI High Speed Mounter ◎SAWA Stencil clener
◎BTU Reflow ◎Shimadzu EDEX
◎BTU Hydrogen High Temperature Sintering Oven ◎Shimadzu X-RAY(NDI)
◎KIC Profiler ◎PSA N2 generator
◎KIC Automated Profile Measurement System ◎CHAD Semiconductor Automated Wafer Handling System
◎Spire Solar, Inc.  
   EL Inspection System Sun Simulator
   Thin Film Sun Simulator Two-Station QA System
    Multi-layer Automatic Laminator Multi-stage Automatic Laminator
    Automatic Laminator Manual Laminator
    Automatic Stringer Automatic Layup
    Automatic Welder l00MW System
◎Madico Photovoltaic Backsheets  


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